Patient Comfort

Comfortable treatment? – It is possible when you are in the custody of experienced professionals..

If you are dissatisfied with your smile, if you feel discomfort in the mouth, if you are not able to chew properly, if you experience a pain in the joint area or headache – welcome to Myroslava Drohomyretska’s Clinic of Aesthetic Dentistry.

Your comfort begins with a good mood and trust in the positive effect of treatment. The only thing we do is creating opportunities for effective and stress-free staying of each patient at the most innovative dental centre. We work according to the highest international standards of dental services. 

Considering the clinic’s status, priorities and high standards of customer service, we implement the most innovative treatment technologies and techniques using the modern dental equipment. Everyday professionals of our dental centre prove the high quality of dental services for each patient. We do what we love. We love what we do!

The orthodontic centre “Myroslava Drohomyretska’s Clinic of Aesthetic Dentistry” was founded in 2009 in the very heart of Kyiv, bringing along the fifteen years working experience of our clinic in Lviv. It keeps the traditions of the ancient city of Lev, creating a unique atmosphere of cooperation for the sake of your comfort and high-quality service, combined with a cozy environment and aromatic Lviv coffee in Kyiv. 

We are always ready to help you! We do our best to make tomorrow better and more successful, and we are trying to make people more beautiful.

Osteopathy in our Clinic

Osteopathy or Why is it important to involve an osteopath into treatment of dental patients?

Let’s get to know who is an osteopath

Often, an osteopath is mistakenly considered to be a massage therapist or chiropractor. While massage therapists or chiropractors directly deal with muscles, for example, kneading, stretching or warming them up, an osteopath employs a method of indirect correction. He affects sensory receptors and spots connected with those being painful, and often such spots are located in absolutely different area than those complained of by a patient.


An osteopath acts both at the level of tactual sensations, watching the rhythm of internal organs, muscles, position of bones and vertebrae, and at the “energetic” level, considering emotional and psychological state of a patient.

An osteopath sees the whole picture and always watches body’s response to the procedures (besides, such a response may be revealed not at once but after a certain period of time). It looks like he leads a person by the hand, taking him/her away from the state of disharmony.

Now we realize that an osteopath is a specialist assisting in determination of a primary cause of health issues while restoring mental and physical harmony and balance.

Incognito™ lingual braces

We offer lingual orthodontic system of gold braces called Incognito which is used in our clinic.
Incognito braces are as individual as you are! Combination of high-technology and custom design: an extremely flat profile of braces allows for maximum comfort and does not affect your ability to speak. 

Individuality: brackets are made individually for each tooth in order to perfectly match its outer surface.

Result: accurate manufacture of braces ensures a predictable excellent result.

A smile makes your life brighter!