A multidisciplinary approach to dental treatment ensures the harmony of aesthetics and function. 
The name of professor, scientist and practitioner Myroslava Drohomyretska is widely known in Ukraine and beyond.

Myroslava Drohomyretska’s Clinic of Aesthetic Dentistry is your perfect choice


 “With honour to health and beauty…” is the philosophy of our values, embodied by us in everyday activity, granting you self-confidence.


The feeling of comfort is an integral part of our clinic’s philosophy. Starting from the very first visit, you are welcomed by the special atmosphere of comfort, professional competence and attention to details.


The quality can be only absolute. We set high standards for ourselves. Thus, our work becomes our calling card.

Refinement and beauty is a reflection of health


Each of us has his/her own story of success. A successful person is accompanied by certain features. A healthy and attractive smile is, undoubtedly, one of them.


Doctors and professionals of the dental centre follow and keep the tradition of high-quality dental services. In each case, we strive to obtain the maximum effect using only proven innovative treatment technologies and methods.


Orthodontic treatment can change your life and make it better


At whatever age you decide to undergo an orthodontic correction of the dental arch, we know the most effective way to make it. Individually for you!


Our unique approach to comprehensive treatment


Involvement of an osteopath allows revealing the underlying causes, which may provoke dental dysfunctions. We will restore your physical balance and inner harmony.