Orthodontic treatment in children and teenagers
is a fascinating process

Did you know that the best time for a child to visit a dentist is under 12 years of age?

Crooked teeth or a significant gap between them may highlight the need to have control over the process of growth and development of the jaw. And it is better to do so when the dentofacial system is not fully developed yet.




Together with us, you will get to know that the braces can be absolutely transparent and invisible.

And vice versa, they can be decorated with bright details, which will highlight the child’s personality and aiming for a healthy smile.

Did you know that it is prestigious to wear the braces in the Western countries?
Take care of your child’s health now – and it will ensure his/her self-confidence in the future!

On this photo: Орися Єзерська - лікар-ортодонт